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The No. 1027

Musa Natural Soy Candle

Musa Natural Soy Candle

Plush Animals

Plush Animals

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"Our mission is simple, to provide you with the most impressive variety of flowers that last a remarkable time. In order to do this, we have to be honest about how difficult it is to replicate a picture. We are proud to show off some of our work but note that your order will be unique. It will be in one of our exclusive containers and our signature English Cottage design style. We will use the highest quality high-end blooms we can get our hands on. Don’t worry, we do not use cheap filler flowers like carnations, baby’s breath, etc. In addition, we buy farm fresh, days off the farms, and take the time to properly process and cure each arrangement to ensure it lasts as long as possible. We want a gift that gets two wows, one by its beauty and another with how long it lasts. " -D.Tindol

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  • Due to a 66% increase in the cost of roses, some product prices may be impacted during the Valentine’s delivery period.

  • The Desktop


The Desktop size,  inches height and  inches wide.

The Desktop - $89.99