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Regal Elan Red Roses

Godiva Chocolates

Godiva Chocolates

The Giving Bear

The Giving Bear

The Loved Bear

The Loved Bear

The Original Bear

The Original Bear

The idea that red roses symbolize love and passion stems from Victorian times. As they popularized the act of sending flowers, they sought to give further meaning to the gesture often encoding a message with the flowers themselves. Every bloom had a hidden(although widely known) meaning and red roses meant passionate fealings. Know ya know. Since roses are timeless it can be a challenge to design them in a way that still illicits some awe. I think we have nailed it with our Regal Elan Red roses. We strive for the largest heartiest blooms, and design with a variety of luxury greens, not cheap filler. I think the look that we end up with says sophistication in just the right way.-D.Tindol

  • All prices in USD ($)

  • One Dozen


  • 18 Roses


  • Two Dozen


  • 30 Roses


  • 3 Dozen


One Dozen - $79.99

18 Roses - $119.99

Two Dozen - $144.99

30 Roses - $199.99

3 Dozen - $229.99